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Fashion show

A few months ago we had a Fashion Show where we put together outfits from our catalog. The girls were absolutely stunning, but that wasn’t just because they were pretty! I actually wanted to point out why they worked.

This cute outfit is perfect for an urban adventure, just get a denim bag and you’d be good to go. I love how the patterns on the shoulders and pockets keep your attention on her cute face while emphasizing those shoulders she’s been working out. It’s also naturally slimming, with those leggings give her a sexy curve. Because of this she doesn’t really need other accessories, such as a belt, necklace or bracelets.

The best part of this outfit is its loose, willowy fabric that looks too perfect for a stroll on the beach or through the park on a breezy summer day. The unexpected detail on the shawl and skirt really gives it that delicate, elegant feel, which is nicely contrasted by the sunglasses and hat.

That’s only a couple of my favorite outfits, I’ll be sure to review more in the coming months. You can find everything we used to put these outfits together on our website.

See you next time!

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